Sex og Politikk - the Norwegian association for sexual and reproductive health and rights, is a non-governmental organisation working to promote and provide information about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), both in Norway and internationally.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights is about deciding if and when one wants children, about having access to information as well as access to safe, modern and affordable contraception, about the right to abortion and the right to act on one owns' sexuality, without persecution or discrimination.

Sex og Politikk was founded in 1969 as The Norwegian association for family planning, a name that was changed to Norwegian association for sexual and reproductive health and rights (NSRR) in 1994, and to Sex og Politikk in 2009. Since its foundation, the association has worked exclusively with SRHR, and has held a proactive role in the work to promote abortion on demand, high quality sexual education, contraceptive education and the access to safe contraception in Norway.

Sex og Politikk works for the development of better health care services, and to safeguard rights linked to sexuality and reproductive health in the global South. These areas are very important area in strengthening women's rights and also for working towards gender equality and poverty reduction internationally. Political advocacy and informational events focusing on SRHR with a South perspective is therefore essential to our work. In Norway, we work to inform the general public about the importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to highlight the challenges many people have when it comes to this controversial field.

We also work to stress the importance of SRHR in the development policy work together with, and with support from, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norad (The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation), FOKUS (Forum for Women and Development) and UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, and several other organisations.

Sex og Politikk wants men and women, boys and girls, to be given access to health care services and rights, independent of their economic, social and geographical position. Our goal is to protect the rights we already have, and further to fight for the strengthening of sexual and reproductive rights.

Sex og Politikk is member of several international networks, and cooperates with a number of national organisations. We are member of the world's largest organisation working with sexual and reproductive health and rights; IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation). IPPF also provide service delivery, as well as working with political advocacy work. We are also part of several international networks that works for SRHR, among these are Countdown 2015 - a consortium consisting of 18 European SRHR organisations working for reproductive health.